Food & Wine


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Alright, foodies, let’s talk Parian delights and the nectar of the gods – their wine! Paros, where the land and nature dance in harmony, has a food scene that’ll make your taste buds do a happy jig.


  1. Seafood Extravaganza: Grilled octopus is the rockstar here – tender, chewy, grilled to perfection. Squeeze that lemon, drizzle that olive oil – let the feast begin!
  2. Gouna Glory: Meet gouna – sun-dried mackerel basted in island herbs, flame-grilled to perfection. A Parian pride and joy!
  3. Revithia Sto Forno: Baked chickpeas slow-cooked with rosemary and onions – a melt-in-your-mouth delight.
  4. Karavalas Delight: Snails, aka Karavalas, in a garlic sauce. Parian escargot, if you will!
  5. Saganaki Magic: Pan-fried cheese, sometimes wrapped in phyllo pastry and topped with honey. Simple, yet oh-so-delicious.
  6. Mizithra Duo: Try the local cheese – Mizithra. Salty or sweet, it’s a creamy delight that graces salads, pasta, or meat dishes.
  7. Kakavia Symphony: A fish soup extravaganza with saffron, olive oil, and onions. Cod, goliath grouper, or snapper – take your pick!
  8. Petimezi Perfection: Pumpkin pie wrapped in phyllo pastry – a Paros delicacy that’s a must-try.

Local Produce & Supermarket Finds:

  1. Cheese Heaven: Xinomizithra, Touloumotyri, Ladotyri, Anthotyro – explore the cheesy wonders from the Farmers Cooperative or private cheesemakers.
  2. Thyme Honey Hunt: July and August offer the finest thyme honey from local beekeepers – grab it before it vanishes!
  3. Caper Quest: Local capers and caper leaves add a zing to salads and various dishes. Don’t miss out!
  4. Sweet Tooth Paradise: Indulge in “Samota” figs, “pastelaria,” or the traditional dessert “zacharobaklavades” from local bakeries.


Now, let’s raise our glasses to Paros’ ancient winemaking tradition. The vineyards, decked with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), boast wines that are the pride of Paros.

  1. Monemvasia Magic: Taste the white wine of the Monemvasia variety – a crisp delight.
  2. Mandilaria Marvel: Sip on the red Mandilaria variety – a robust choice for wine enthusiasts.
  3. Varietal Voyages: Explore other superb varieties like Vaftra and Mavro Aidani, and don’t miss the locally produced Malvasia – a dessert wine dream.

Wine Tasting Tales:

For a deep dive into Parian wine, head to Moraitis Winery, a family-owned gem since 1910. Wander through the old cellars, sip their legacy, and let the history of Parian winemaking fascinate your senses.

And for tsipouro lovers, meet the famous “Souma” of Paros – a Raki delight. Autumn sees distillation units fire up, producing Souma for family, friends, and lucky visitors. Grab a few bottles to take home – the perfect Parian souvenir! Cheers to Paros – where every sip and bite tells a tale of love for the land and a celebration of life!