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Paros, nestled in the Cyclades, Greece, is a treasure trove boasting whitewashed villages, blue-domed churches, and endless sandy beaches against azure blue waters. Despite its modest terrain, Paros offers unbeatable panoramic views from the 771-metre-high Ágii Pándes summit. With a length of 22 km and a width of 13 km, exploring the island is a leisurely 30-minute drive from north to south.

Historically rich, Paros has seen influences from various civilizations, including Cretans, Minoans, Ionians, and Romans. Renowned for its white marble, Paros has been a Greek star since the Early Cycladic period, with notable sculptures like the Venus de Milo carved from its marble.

Despite its ferry hub reputation, Paros retains authenticity, attracting both locals and free-spirited visitors. A haven for creatives, Paros has drawn luminaries like Lord Byron and Truman Capote, who found inspiration in its traditional simplicity.

Time seems to stand still on Paros, offering revitalizing charm through daily sea dives, village strolls, Greek cuisine at local tavernas, and cocktails by the water. As Cecil Beaton observed, “life is nothing but sleep, swim, eat, and read.” Cheers to the magic of Paros!

Antiparos, nestled just southwest of bustling Paros, is a hidden gem offering a chill vibe for all types of travelers. With its whitewashed town, sandy beaches, and vibrant yet nostalgic nightlife, Antiparos is the ultimate chill-out haven.

Despite its small size, Antiparos is worth more than a day trip, with at least an overnight stay recommended to fully immerse in its vibes. Accessible by ferry from Paroikia or Pounda, renting a car or scooter is ideal for exploring, especially since buses are limited at night.

Antiparos Town, known as Hora, is the heart of the island, boasting waterfront cafes, fish restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries. The 14th-century Genovese fortress with a small museum adds to its charm.

The Cave of Antiparos is a must-visit, with historical signatures dating back centuries. Agios Georgios beach offers turquoise waters and volcanic formations perfect for swimming, diving, or sailing adventures.

Don’t miss the last disco in the Aegean for a nostalgic dance session, and catch the unforgettable sunset at Sifneiko Beach.

Time seems to slip away on Antiparos, with languid summer days spent exploring the town, lounging on beaches, or sailing around nearby islands like Despotiko.

And did you know? Celebrities like Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis have villas on this star-studded getaway!