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Paros has a great public bus system and it is easy to get between the main towns and beaches on Paros, and to the Antiparos ferry.

The main bus station is in Paroikia, very near the port. The second hub is Naousa.

There are five lines well distributed to cover every part of the island. Fares vary by route and distance traveled, but range from 1.80€ to 4€ per trip. A full-day, cross-island ticket is available for 9€.

Bus tickets are sold at the Paroikia and Naousa terminal stations, as well as some stores, mini-marts and kiosks displaying the bus sign in Paroikia, Naousa, Lefkes, Prodromos, Marmara, Marpisa, Piso Livadi, Drios, Aliki, Punda, Voutakos and on Antiparos.

You can find the bus timetable with all the routes HERE


    • Ideal for Freedom: Renting a vehicle offers the freedom to explore secluded beaches and areas inaccessible by public transportation.
    • Availability: Various rental options are available, including cars, quad bikes, and scooters. Book ahead during peak seasons.
    • License Requirements: Ensure you have the appropriate license for scooter or four-wheeler rentals.
  2. TAXI:
    • Island Service: Taxis are available for island travel, airport transfers, and port transportation.
    • Fare Factors: Fares may vary based on factors like time of day, luggage, and vehicle type.
    • Taxi Ranks: Find taxi ranks in Parikia, the port, and Naoussa.
    • Contact Information:
      • Paroikia: +30 22840 21500
      • Naousa: +30 22840 53490
    • Exploration: Rent a bicycle for leisurely exploration of remote beaches and the island countryside.
    • Terrain: Paros and Antiparos offer flat terrains, making biking an enjoyable experience.
    • Coastal Route: Experience the scenic Paros-Antiparos strait by biking along the coast.
  4. FOOT:
    • Charming Exploration: Wander through the charming streets, historic sites, and breathtaking beaches on foot.
    • Hiking Trails: With about 35km of trails, hiking unveils the island’s unique landscapes, ancient pathways, and diverse flora.
    • Guided Tours: Professional guides offer insightful hiking tours, providing an in-depth understanding of Paros.
    • Air Access: Paros Airport (PAS) provides year-round direct flights to and from Athens.
    • Ferry Hub: Central Cycladic location ensures most ferries make a stop at Paros before heading to nearby islands.
    • Antiparos Connection: Access Antiparos from Paros via a short car ferry or excursion boat journey, taking less than 10 minutes.
    • Limited Service: Antiparos has limited bus service; a car rental is advisable for convenient island exploration.
    • Connection to Southern End: A car allows access to the beautiful southern end of Antiparos, extending beyond the bus route.
    • Archaeological Gem: Visit Despotiko Island, an uninhabited islet near Antiparos, reachable only by boat.
    • Boat Tours: Join boat tours to explore the ancient sanctuary and remote beaches, including the popular Livadi Beach.

Ensure a seamless and memorable exploration of Paros and Antiparos with the transportation options that suit your preferences!